I L O V E “Virtual Sanity”


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Virtual Sanity – The fall 2013 campaign from Chanel enlists Soo Joo, Chiharu Okunugi and Ashleigh Good for a series of futuristic-themed portraits photographed by the brand’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld. The trio poses–even sometimes floating with their accessories in tow for the French fashion house’s trademark tweeds, lean silhouettes and camellia flower accents.

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Romantic Florals


This Spring/Summer we are invited to experience a true Floral storm. Designers suggest Romantic Florals and colours.

I love florals, i love spring and i adore summer.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change”

The Revival of the 80s fashion by Missoni


Missing the extraordinary roar of the 80s fashion in your dress code? The years of extremes and innovative trends and are back in an elegant re-interpretation in the M Missoni Summer 2013 Collection.
Check out @ http://www.m-missoni.com/today/80s-fashion/

I love Pop Icons


Bubbly and multicolored patterns for a truly pop look as suggested by Vogue.it
Off course i must admit i added some spice, couldn’t help it.
So, here is my suggestion for today:
No denials
No hard feelings
Volume up
Level hight


I Can’t Get Through The Week Without…


I Can't Get Through The Week Without...

It’s been raining cats and dogs since morning. That feeling of sweet depression always follows me when rainy days are here.Although i love rain, i woke up this morning and wish that Today could be canceled and me to go right back to bed….I’ve been running like crazy the last few days (not quiet few), meetings, meet market, photo shooting (yes, hopefully our online store- http://www.usednotconfused.com -will have some amazing new stuff when i manage to upload it!), presentations for new business with or Advertising Agency, cooking, studying my 7 year old son, playing and a bit of sleeping! I feel like someone was bitting my body nonstop for 2 days! Wow.But then again,there is no sunshine unless the rain comes over….
And yes, after such a big rain the sun will rise again, isn’t it?
So, i woke up my bed this rainy morning, and the first thing that came to my mind was : “Well, since you have to get up, think of all the things you love and you wouldn’t GET THROUGH THIS WEEK WITHOUT)
And Here they ARE:
1. The lovely smile and soft skin of my Son.
2. The kissing and hugging in the morning when he wakes up, before going to school
3. My hot cup of coffee


4. Yoga. I don’t remember myself B.Y. (Before Yoga). I guess i am an addict. I practice almost every day and when i don’t you better run away from me.
Picture 2
5. My amazing little online store. With all this amazing pre-love vintage and second hand designer clothes. I adore all of the items in it. I have my favourites too. This Aniye By Silk Top is one of them….

Picture 3
6. My jeans (OMG) i can’t leave without them. You’ll always see me in a denim, rarely in a skirt. I love skirts though but i only wear then on special occasions (i.e. Business)

Picture 4
7. My knits and Cardy’s. I wear knits everywhere, even when i go to bed….. I am addicted to jackets, all colours, all sizes, all types. But i have a thing with soft woollen ones (especially when it comes to silk wool)

Picture 7
8. Dedicated to todays RAIN, i can’t leave the house without a raincoat. I adore funky raincoats combined with rain boots.Maybe i have to check this out…since in Greece it rarely rains, should i move to London?

Picture 6
9.Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina. I am simply in love with this product. I think it’s the best anti-aging bio cosmetic i’ve ever tried.It’s an oil but does not create an oily skin.And you just shine, and shine and shine.

10.My Channel Chance Eau Tendre. That’s a major addiction i admit. I just can’t go out of the house without spraying myself….yes, if i forget (rarely) i am feeling lost.

Picture 5
11. Bio Detergents. I have a thing with keeping my house clean.My husband says i am a “clean freak”! But… whatever! At least i try to do less harm to the universe by using Bio detergents.



I love Velvet


Velvet has always been on top in my heart.It’s the elegance and softness that it gives you when wearing it. Nevertheless i always feel that Velvet can make occasions look better.
As i was surfing today- i always love doing so in the morning with a cup of Brazilian Coffee, i stopped by Vogue Italy (i love it) and got very happy to see that Velvet is back in fashion (not that it truly mattered to me….i believe that fashion dies….style stays forever). And here is a paragraph i chose to quote and share….

“The Seventies, and not only
Bohemian style, that easily crosses through historical periods, influences and continents. People look to the East with an ostentatiously vintage style that is a cross between middle-class protester and disco music dancer: velvet outfits with slightly flared pants, paisley patterned shirts, long, ethnic-inspired scarves, hats, lace-ups in matching tones. In autumnal and very ’70s colors like maroon, amethyst, Prussian blue, petrol green, and the whole range of browns, uplifted by orange.”


P.S. Some of the above velvet items are available online @ www.usednotconfused.com

The Vintage Getaway


woman wearing vintage suit standing in front of abandoned bus


I get so inspired when it comes to Vintage, maybe because i truly feel that Vintage clothes are like good old movies, they curry a great history. It’s that mystery behind each item that creates a dream in my head. When i first went to Italy my aunt took me to some amazing Vintage Markets in Milan and i am sure that back then a great seed was planted in my head….”I Love Vintage”.


woman crying in an old american motel wearing vintage lingerie.


I always try to feel the story behind each vintage item that comes to my hand. The feeling of nostalgia, romance, forbidden love, forgotten youth….all this blends a feeling of lust and elegance.Each item can create a movie, a store, a music theme, a unique picture. I love getting lost in Vintage markets, makes me feel free!


woman wearing vintage suit standing in abandoned home


My big love is P-Coats, especially when it comes to Vintage ones. I love the feeling of good-old but well kept cool wool. Nothing compares to it. Unfortunately no such garments exist anymore…. It’s that feeling of wearing something so light that keeps you so warm. I just love it.

Vintage P-Coat 1

A masterpiece P-Coat so well kept and loved.


i also love pattern-flowery tops from the 70’s. They are so elegant! They bring the best out of me.It’s not so often that you find such a great top…so i wanted to share it to the world.

Woodstock Top 1

Yes, a typical 1969-70’s top for great excpectations!


So, vintage is my Getaway! It’s my space,place of passion turned into fashion.
Have a great day.