Preloved Fashion must be Reloved!



In today’s world, lead by consumption we have created the so called “non-value for money” economical model. That is, almost everything is over- valued and what you get is not always what you think!
Off course this has lead us to over consumption of un useful things (quite excellent for major industries) and lack of true value estimation.
Apparently this era is coming to an end and people are starting to feel more price sensitive, they seek for value for money proposals and most of all they switch to Eco-friendly & ethical products.
We @usednotconfused believe that recycled, preloved fashion gives you the chance to find amazing products, designer items in excellent condition and in value for money prices.
By purchasing preloved & vintage clothing and accessories you get the unique chance of finding unique masterpieces.

Here is a very interesting article Benefits Of Buying Second Hand Dresses</strong> I came across today. Truth well written!
Goodnight world