The Revival of the 80s fashion by Missoni


Missing the extraordinary roar of the 80s fashion in your dress code? The years of extremes and innovative trends and are back in an elegant re-interpretation in the M Missoni Summer 2013 Collection.
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Smile is the best makeup!


Smile is the best makeup!

It’s been a while since my last post.
I have to say that i’ve been through the most challenging 2 weeks of my times.
A great family flue that caused my little man a painful ear infection that led to antibiotics…that created an allergic shock…..
Now, you can imagine the whole concept : Terror Movie!
Thank God sunshine is back and we are all back in track!
During all this time i had to prepare for 2 new bazars that will take part and arrange all spring photoshooting for the website. So my immune system has crashed down….i have black circles around my eyes, messy hair and mainly no energy.
But, i still have a “lovely” smile – yes i do- and i truly believe now that “A SMILE IS THE BEST MAKEUP ANY GIRL CAN WEAR”

Have a lovely day!
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The joy of Life!


The joy of Life!

What a lovely morning!
I woke up with a joyful feeling of spring, it’s been a long and hard weekend…2 days of nonstop high energy bazar!
UsednotConfused team was at the first Bluemarket Bazar in Athens. We had a lovely time and enjoyed every single moment. My legs are still hurting but my heart is full of Joy! It was so nice to be with people who appreciate what you do and who give you a positive feedback. That’s the magic of live, that’s the joy.
Small moments that pass by and make you realise that you are still Alive and that you have many things to be happy for.
Have a great week and always remember : “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”


I love Miss Dior


I love Miss Dior

I feel that Dior has done an excellent choice. The new Miss Dior fragrance campaign “La vie en rose” simply R-O-C-K-S. 

Starring Natalie Portman, directed by Sophia Coppola enhanced with a great song “La vie en rose” by amazing Grace Jones 

What a combination!

Enjoy life and be passionate. 

Remember that after a great storm comes sunshine- flowers and love!

Happy Friday!

“Glowing with happiness, Miss Dior is the most beautiful woman in love.” by Dior

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