The joy of Life!


The joy of Life!

What a lovely morning!
I woke up with a joyful feeling of spring, it’s been a long and hard weekend…2 days of nonstop high energy bazar!
UsednotConfused team was at the first Bluemarket Bazar in Athens. We had a lovely time and enjoyed every single moment. My legs are still hurting but my heart is full of Joy! It was so nice to be with people who appreciate what you do and who give you a positive feedback. That’s the magic of live, that’s the joy.
Small moments that pass by and make you realise that you are still Alive and that you have many things to be happy for.
Have a great week and always remember : “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”


I love Miss Dior


I love Miss Dior

I feel that Dior has done an excellent choice. The new Miss Dior fragrance campaign “La vie en rose” simply R-O-C-K-S. 

Starring Natalie Portman, directed by Sophia Coppola enhanced with a great song “La vie en rose” by amazing Grace Jones 

What a combination!

Enjoy life and be passionate. 

Remember that after a great storm comes sunshine- flowers and love!

Happy Friday!

“Glowing with happiness, Miss Dior is the most beautiful woman in love.” by Dior

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Black Valentine


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She always love to watch
the sun go down,
within her heart.
Sweet and bitter memories of lost and found.
A Retro smile of vintage style
will always follow her.
Life is romantic with or without a
Black Valentine!

Inspired by the “Black Valentine” Campaign of

Links to the outfits presented:
Black Baby doll Dress:
Black Midi Dress:
Black Top:
Black Valentine Outfit:TOP PANTS NECKLESS

It’s the little things….


Happy Friday World.
Today i woke up with a feeling of happiness.It’s Friday, it’s sunny…i’m healthy…my loved ones are around…what else?
On a day like this, i always think of the little things that spice up my life. The big ones ( LOVE and HAPPINESS) are always welcomed to stay for longer….
So, little things count. They add joy,colour,style. And here is my today’s list.
– Sunglasses: I love sunglasses that stick out of the crowd.
– Manicure: A girl must find time to take care of her nails, i know…time is not always on our side but trust me you can find you space in time!
– Handbags: A nice handbag adds up style.
– Accessories: Something to spice up our look even if wearing a white T-shirt.
– Natural Tones of make-up. Try to look and feel NATURAL!
– A Vintage/Retro Style Denims : i love these items.
– SHOES: I always try to find special shoes in affordable prices.

Have a crazy weekend!

Let’s DETOX!


Let's DETOX!

I guess that most of us are feeling a bit weak this time of the year. A bit of Flue effects, some stress, a lot of talking, running around etc…rewards us with a great feeling of fatigue.
I saw this Moschino ad today and it reminded me of Detox….it’s the fruity vibe that comes along with it, so i thought of combing both fashion & Detox.
I always choose 2 times a year for Detox and trust me i feel much better after, in combination with my Yoga practice.

So here is a very good 3 day cleansing detox diet i found on the web that will definitely boost your energy and cleanse your body!

Best time to start your 3-day cleansing detox diet?

When you’re on a break, says naturopath Sarah Bowles Flannery. Follow the menu to the letter, drink lots of water and herbal tea, then enjoy a lighter body, clear head and more energy after just three days!

Detox diet plan

On waking: 1 cup of warm water with juice of ½ a lemon.
Breakfast: small bowl porridge, berries, sprinkle of ground linseeds.
Morning snack: 1 small apple or pear, and 10 raw almonds.
Lunch: 1 cup of beans (aduki, mung, chickpeas) cooked with garlic and onion, with a small portion brown rice or quinoa, plus mixed salad with herbs.
Afternoon snack: sliced peppers, celery and carrot stick with 2tbsp hummus.
Dinner: small piece salmon, tofu or organic chicken, with steamed green veg sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Detox diet exercise and relaxation plan

Take a brisk 30-minute walk in the morning.

Do 30 minutes of yoga or walking in the afternoon.

Get eight hours sleep each night and an afternoon nap.